Chef Bano received his training at the prestigious IPSSAR Culinary Institute in San Pellegrino Terme, Italy. 

His professional career began by working with Italy’s elite chefs: Pietro Leeman at Joia, the only one Michelin Star vegetarian restaurant in Milan, and Antonio Ghilardi at Picci, a two Michelin Stars restaurant in Cavriago. He curated dessert menus for Lio Pellegrini, a one Michelin Star restaurant in Bergamo. 

Chef Bano then ventured to San Francisco, CA,  during the peak of farm-to-table cuisine, to work with Donnie Masterson at Azie, a high end French-Asian restaurant, where he implemented his cooking expertise into the menu, providing a fresh new approach to his already impressive culinary background.

In NYC, chef Bano continued his culinary journey in the kitchens of Union Square Café, Falai and San Domenico. In 2014, chef Bano became the executive chef of Giorgio Armani Ristorante 5th Avenue. He worked closely with Mr. Armani and was featured in prestigious global events such as “A World Journey: Four Chefs from Four Corners”. His work has been praised by Vogue Italia, La Cucina Italiana, La Repubblica and WWD.

Currently, chef Bano is the executive chef of Spring Place NY where he curates the Club’s “zero waste” culinary program and collaborated  with world renowned chefs such as René Redzepi (NOMA), Mauro Colagreco (Mirazur), Niko Romito (Bulgari), Caviar Kaspia, and Pia Leon (Kjolle) in gastronomic events. 


“Authenticity is the foundation of my cuisine and simplicity is the core of my modern Italian food.”

By using the freshest ingredients and serving them in the most natural way, it enables me to emphasize the flavor and integrity of the food. Encouraged by my research, traditional recipes are reinvented to suit the lifestyle of my clients. 

My intent is to offer a cuisine that can be eaten every day and educate clients to a healthier and sustainable way of living.